#WhyIGotKickedOutOfDisney is trending and the internet reactions are hilarious

Here are some of the funniest #WhyIGotKickedOutOfDisney tweets

#WhyIGotKickedOutOfDisney is trending and the internet reactions are hilarious 1

Amid news that three people were charged in a violent caught-on-video brawl at Disneyland, and USA Today reporting that a woman punched a Disney World employee over FastPass issue, it makes sense why #WhyIGotKickedOutOfDisney is now trending on Facebook and Twitter.

To add more fuel to the fire, the New Zealand Herald published an article on Wednesday, July 25th, on how you can be kicked out of Disney and get a lifetime ban from “the happiest place on earth.”

Social media users have had all kinds of hilarious responses and memes to participate in the #WhyIGotKickedOutOfDisney frenzy, with references to recent Disney news, GIFs, and real-life experiences thrown around by the users.

These are the funniest #WhyIGotKickedOutOfDisney tweets that caught our eye.

A Twitter user @newnationbo joking about catching Minnie Mouse cheating on Mickey with Goofy.

User @ep_horea saying that she told Snow White to “back the f*ck up” before she gets smacked.

Twitter user @WESTSIDE_915 depicting a GIF of Rafiki throwing Simba off the cliff.

User @WhatItDewwBaby joking that he couldn’t remember why he got kicked out of Disney, a reference to Finding Nemo character Dory’s memory loss.

Twitter user @AuntCalls saying that she exposed the “big fat lie” about The Lion King because “a female is always the head of the pride.”

User @EatonvilleWAWX showing a video of Disney’s Pluto chasing a kid.

Twitter user @mrsarcasticass1 joking about letting a rat go in the kitchen “cause I thought rats could cook.”

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