Urbanears’ Tove Lo-designed headphones are covered in glitter

They are pretty much the Plattan 2 wireless headphones, but covered in glitter

After much anticipation, Urbanears is about to release their Tove Lo-designed Plattan 2 Bluetooth headphones collabo.

Building upon the beloved Plattan 2, these special edition cans by the Swedish hitmaker boasts a colorful chrome design highlighted by flares of glitter.

Fans of Tove Lo will remember the headphones first popped up late last year. However, at the time, it was unclear if Urbanears would release to the masses. Well, now we can confirm that the company will make them available later this month.

Included with each purchase is a note from Tove Lo to her fans, which reads in part “The world is loud. It’s full of inspiration. But also full of distractions telling us how to be, think and feel,” an obvious nod to her freewheeling attitude.

Dealscope says the $99 headphones can found be at tove-lo.com, Urbandears, and select retailers.