Starbucks’ color-changing cups will instantly make your cold drinks Instagrammable

Each pack of five cups costs $16.95 and includes five lids and five straws that you can mix and match.

Starbucks’ color-changing cups

Your favorite Starbucks iced coffee and cold brew will never look boring again with these color-changing cups launched by the coffeehouse chain earlier this week.

Quietly released on April 29th in the US and Canada, these reusable ombré-hued tumblers change color when filled with a cold drink. Each of these beverage vessels holds up to 24 ounces of liquid and each pack of five cups costs $16.95. In addition to the tumblers themselves, the set also include five lids and five straws that you can mix and match to achieve your preferred color combination for the day.

Below is the five color options included in each pack and how they transform when iced coffee or cold brew is poured in:

  1. Rose: light pink to coral red
  2. Citron: yellow to emerald green
  3. Sky: light blue to cobalt blue
  4. Apricot: light orange to tangerine
  5. Arctic: teal to raspberry pink

Unfortunately, because of their eco-friendly and Instagrammable qualities, the cups have sold out fast in many parts of the country.

The demand for these color-changing cups is so high that some people who managed to get some of it have decided to resell them online for up to three times the price they paid. The tumblers are currently being resold on eBay and on Mercari from $50 to $60 per pack.

But you don’t actually need to pay $50 or $60 just to get your hands on the cups, since  Starbucks has already announced that the cups will restock next week both in the US and Canada.

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