Nothing screams “I love you, I know” more than this Star Wars bouquet

ThinkGeek has the perfect Valentine’s gift for Star Wars fans

With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, nothing says love like Star Wars. I mean, roses die but the galaxy lives on, right? If you and your loved one are fans of the legendary space opera, there’s perhaps no better gift than this “scoundrel and the princess” plush Star Wars bouquet from Think Geek.

Highlighted by Han Solo and Princess Lena dolls, the 8-piece bouquet also features a number of plush hearts stitched with memorable quotes.

For the good days there’s “I love you” – and for the not-so-good days there’s “I’d rather kiss a Wookie.” Whatever the mood, there’s a heart to represent your feelings.

At $50, this plush bundle isn’t too much cheaper than real roses, but at least won’t it die before the week’s end – so there’s that.

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