Stantt custom men’s shirts review

Stantt offers custom shirts from the convenience of your home, but are they worth the relatively high price tag?

Custom fitted dress shirts are not a novel idea, nor is making them available online. That said, Stantt has an interesting approach to delivering you a tailored shirt with a process that’s easy, low stress, and (at least for us) very successful. Sorry ladies, Stantt is currently for men’s dress shirts and casual button-downs.

The gist is that rather than having to painfully attempt to measure every feature of your body, Stantt puts you through a turbo-tax type questionnaire of easy questions that help you narrow down to one of their 99+ unique sizes. After that they’ll quickly send you some samples to try on and you choose one of their named sizes, or send back some quantitative or qualitative feedback for a truly customized size.

The website wizard, conveniently named “Stan”, was a breeze and allows you plug in sizes you know like t-shirt size, height, weight, and body type. It also asks collar size, sleeve length, and jacket size, but I got the same result with and without inputting those (size “King”).

Most Stantt shirts also allow you to customize features like the collar, buttons, cuffs, and placket. There’s a variety of different shirt types including wrinkle-resistant, luxe, performance, luxe, flannels, and even some polos.

After placing my order, it took just a few days to get my size samples and then a couple weeks after that to get my tailored shirt. Nicely, the 4 samples I received all fit. They differed slightly in terms of sleeve length, chest size, neck, and probably some other areas that I couldn’t tell. I was able to choose a shirt that struck a good balance between comfort and a feature-highlighting tailored look.

Stantt’s shirt pricing seems pretty standard for a custom-tailored shirt, hovering around $100 and exceeding $200 for the nicer fabrics and designs. My $118 shirt (which exceeded the $115 free shipping threshold) came out amazing. I went for a casual shirt, with a more comfortable (looser) fit that still has some clear tapering. I own a few custom dress shirts, but no custom casual shirts. It’s hands-down the best fitting casual shirt I own. As a tall and lean person, most casual shirts are too short on me. If I buy a tall casual shirt, they can be too long to wear untucked. The material Stantt uses is also softer and more comfortable.

Stantt is not the most affordable custom shirt option out there, but the shirt quality and fit feels worth the money. If you struggle to find shirts that fit well and look flattering, Stantt is a very easy and low-stress solution. There’s even free exchanges and returns. The fact that they send samples really helped the process, however, it’s worth noting the samples I received were not the design I ordered; they were dress shirts.

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