Ray-Ban Stories adds support for WhatsApp messaging and calls

You can now use WhatsApp on your Ray-Ban Stories sunglasses

Ray-Ban Stories update adds WhatsApp support
Ray-Ban Stories update adds WhatsApp support

Ray-Ban Stories, Meta’s collaborative effort with Ray-Ban to bring smart sunglasses to the forefront, just announced that they will be introducing hands-free Whatsapp calling and messaging for the smart sunglasses.

After the update, users can even have their Whatsapp messages read out to them by the sunglasses.

The update is currently being rolled out via the Facebook View app for both iOS and Android users but in separate phases. Meta has advised users to ensure that they have the latest update of the app with the most recent firmware version of Ray-Ban Stories installed on the glasses, in order for the new features to work.

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For instructions on how to activate these latest features, Ray-Ban Stories users simply need to check the Facebook View App while the glasses are connected. Select “Your glasses” then tap on “Glasses update“. Users can then follow the instructions shared by the app from thereon.

How does the Ray-Ban Stories update work?

On Whatsapp, users can simply say “Hey Facebook, call <contact>“, or “send a message to <contact/group name>” and the Ray-Ban Stories will instantly do the job for you.

This also applies to receiving messages — the smart glasses will notify users with an audio response upon receiving a call or message from within WhatsApp.

According to Meta, personal messages and calls are secured with end-to-end encryption. As such, Meta, third parties, and of course WhatsApp, will not be able to read or listen to them.

The tech giant also claims that the voice transcripts, as well as the audio of users identified by voice assistants in the event of interpreting voice commands, will not be stored on any of Meta’s servers.

Source: Meta
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