Qualcomm partners with Google Cloud for Neural Architecture Search development

Qualcomm is the first chipset company to work with Google Cloud

Google Cloud

A new partnership has formed between Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Google Cloud. The two companies have joined forces to collaborate on neural network development and differentiation for Snapdragon moile, ACPC, and XR platforms, and more by utilizing Google Cloud Vertex AI Neural Search with Qualcomm Artificial Intelligence Engine.

With Google Cloud’s Vertex AI NAS, Qualcomm is equipped to bring high-accuracy AI with low latency to low power devices. These included a wide range of products including IoT, medical imagery, automobile tech, and more.

In utilizing both companies’ expertise, the process to build and optimize new AI models is now possible in just a few weeks rather than months according to June Yang, vice president of Cloud AI and Industry Solutions at Google Cloud.

Qualcomm is the first chipset company to work with Google Cloud on NAS and according to Ziad Asghar, vice president of product management at Qualcomm, access to Google’s NAS tech and the creation of AI models with a condensed timeframe “is a game-changer” for the business.

The Google Cloud Vertex AI NAS will be integrated into the Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK and devices/platforms using the Qualcomm AI Engine will be able to experience these optimizations and performance improvements.

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