Planters Cheese Balls are back on the shelves for a limited time

One of your favorite nostalgic snacks is coming back

Planters Cheese Balls

Nostalgia doesn’t actually have a taste, but if it did, we reckon it would be a little bit like Planters Cheez Balls.

The round and cheesy snack have been off shelves for around 12 years, but are due fore a limited return in and on Amazon, where you can buy a tub for $2.

This is yet another example of the ‘power of the internet’ as a spokesperson for Planters said a Facebook petition was one of the main reasons they decided to bring them back.

If you started that petition and are reading this article, everyone would like to say ‘thank you, you beautiful person!’

They are also bringing back the Cheez Curls, so if they’re more your jam, then you’re in luck.

To say this food has its fans would be a massive overstatement – folks have bid hundreds of dollars for empty cartons of the food – which to us, seems a little silly.

There are plans to bring the snack to brick and mortar stores, but for now, if you want it then you’ll have to go online or wait.

What another nostalgic snack would you like to see back on our shelves?

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