OBDLink MX+ review: bound to be your mechanic’s worst enemy

Fear not the dreaded “Check Engine” light, this onboard car diagnostic computer gives you more info than you could ever need.

OBDLink MX+ review
Bottom Line
OBDLink MX+ is a superb car diagnostic device that lets you get ahead of the mechanic's technobabble.

Information is power, and that applies to every driver. The beauty of the OBDLink MX+ is that it gives you the information you need to go to the mechanic ready and informed. It also pays for itself quickly by helping you avoid trips to the mechanic for a plug-in to a diagnostic tool. It goes beyond that too by offering a sophisticated real-time performance monitor and trip computer to view on your phone while you’re driving.

Set-up and understanding your first reading

First up, what kind of cars does this work on? If your car is a 1996 or newer model, your vehicle should be compatible. Just download the app, plug in the device to your car according to the instructions, and follow the prompts in the booklet and the app. Pairing it is a bit involved but you are never left without instructions. The app is compatible with Android, Windows, iPhone, and iPad. We chose to use our iPhone for the information display. This way, when driving we can have the screen on to view real-time performance metrics.

Once you have your phone paired, you can utilize the “Free Enhanced Add-On Activation” to select your vehicle and download the enhanced diagnostics needed. From there, running the diagnostics is quick and easy. It will spit out an error code if there is one that needs to be addressed. Now, instead of going to the mechanic ignorant, you can walk-in with a report of your own. That little bit of confidence and research can go a long way to being empowered when making repair decisions.

It is also reassuring to know that there are no additional fees for access to thousands of OEM diagnostic codes and parameters, including ABS, TPMS, SRS, transmission temperature and others.

Dashboard magic tricks and security

There are dozens of metrics available via the app. Fortunately, the OBDLinkMX+ plugged won’t drain your car’s battery, but it does collect info that offers you a great snapshot of the overall health of your car. In fact, it gives way more information than you will likely ever know what to do with. The Dashboard display is customizable too. So if you are a statistics nerd, you can measure a road trip in all its metrics and glory for you to gobble up and analyze. The gas mileage metrics are particularly interesting and educating as you can learn to associate certain driving behaviors with increased or decreased gas consumption.

If you use other popular apps for this, it can pair with them too, that includes apps like Torque, FORScan, and DashCommand.

The device’s security is superb because the initial connection phase involves pushing an actual physical button in the car while the ignition is turned to on with the engine off. This makes it difficult for hackers to ever access it, and that is especially comforting because of all of the potentially sensitive information it makes available – including your whereabouts. Ongoing software updates are free so you can count on that security and functionality lasting.

The Bottom Line

Priced at $79.95, the OBDLinkMX+ will pay for itself with just one use by helping you avoid the mechanic fees of using a car diagnostic tool. It also empowers you with exact information and a general snapshot of the overall health of your vehicle. We especially appreciate how it pairs with your phone to create a sophisticated real-time performance monitor and trip computer.  It also offers reassuring security measures in place, regular software updates for free, and no additional fees for access to thousands of OEM diagnostic codes and parameters. And thanks to its 3-year warranty and 90-day money back guarantee, OBDLinkMX+ is a highly recommended buy.

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