Netflix experiments with higher priced ‘Ultra’ plan

Whether or not they decide to introduce the service depends on the results of their experiments

Netflix experiments with higher priced 'Ultra' plan 1

Some Netflix users in Europe are reporting that the online streaming titan is experimenting with a new service tier. According to Variety, the experimental tier – called Ultra – will allow users to stream Ultra HD and HDR content across four devices.

Currently, Netflix offers just three tiers ranging from Basic to Premium. At $7.99 (USD), the Basic plan allows users to stream on only one device at a time, while the $13.99 Premium service affords four. Unfortunately, however, Netflix may be willing to downgrade the number of concurrent devices if Ultra is implemented.

Several reports suggest that the streaming service is split testing a number of different changes in an effort to incorporate the proposed new tier. In one test, subscribers to Netflix’s Premium and Standard tiers may see their number of simultaneous streams cut in half to two and one, respectively. Another on-going test allows Premium users to continue streaming on up to four screens, however, they won’t have access to HDR content. HDR, also known as high dynamic range, enhances the onscreen picture quality of movies and TV shows.

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Netflix recently confirmed their testing to CNET. According to a statement from a company spokesperson,

“we are testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix.”

Tutto Andriod, an Italian tech blog says Netflix Ultra is presently priced at €16.99, however, some German users have observed prices as high as €19.99. The price discrepancy is a clear sign that the company is willing to experiment with just about anything as they carry out their testing. Regarding the company’s experimentation, their spokesperson told CNET that they, “continuously test new things at Netflix and these tests typically vary in length of time.”

Whether or not Netflix decides to introduce Ultra to all customers will depend on the results of their experiments.

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