Netflix just improved their parental controls with PINs

Users will now be able to set a PIN on individual movies and shows

Netflix just improved their parental controls with PINs 1

Remember when you were a kid at Blockbuster and the guy behind the counter refused to let you rent all those horror movies you wanted to watch? Then, you had to ask your parents or guardian to rent them for you and if they refused, you were out of luck.

Netflix has just brought in the digital equivalent to that.

In a clear attempt to rival Disney’s upcoming streaming service, Netflix is revamping their parental controls.

They are doing this by introducing PIN parental control for individual movies and series.

Netflix Parental Controls Pin

The streaming service already has PIN control for content with a certain rating, but this new change allows parents to control the viewing habits of their children on a case-by-case basis.

They are also changing the display of the site to display maturity levels in a much clearer way. This should allow parents to make viewing decisions at a glance.

Mike Hastings, director of enhanced content at Netflix, believes these changes will give account holders much more control over their viewing habits and the viewing habits of their family.

He said: “These latest steps are part of our continuous efforts to keep members better informed, and more in control, of what they and their families choose to watch and enjoy on Netflix.”

Source: Netflix
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