Kody Brown net worth: How rich is the Sister Wives star in 2023? 

How much money does Kody Brown make?

Kody Brown

Kody Brown, the patriarch of the popular TLC reality show Sister Wives, has been in the spotlight for over a decade for his unique family dynamic. With four wives and a large brood of children, Kody’s finances have always been a topic of interest. But how much is he truly worth in 2023? In this article, we’ll take a look into Kody’s estimated net worth, exploring his various income streams, including his earnings from Sister Wives, business ventures, and investments.

What is the TLC series Sister Wives about?

Sister Wives is an ongoing reality television series that premiered on the TLC network in 2010. It follows the life of Kody Brown, his four wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, and their 18 children. The Browns live in a plural marriage, a lifestyle that involves one husband having multiple wives.

The series provides an intimate and often emotional look into the dynamics of the Brown family, showcasing their daily lives, relationships, challenges, and celebrations. The show explores how the family navigates the complexities of polygamy, including issues such as jealousy, communication, and decision-making.

Each episode typically focuses on the various aspects of the family’s life, including parenting, household management, relationship dynamics, and major life events. The Browns openly share their experiences, beliefs, and the practicalities of living in a plural marriage, offering viewers a unique perspective on a lifestyle that deviates from mainstream societal norms.

Over the 18 seasons, Sister Wives has documented major changes within the family. The most recent seasons have focused on the departures of three of Kody’s wives, Christine, Janelle, and Meri. The series continues to explore the evolving dynamics and challenges faced by the remaining family members.

While Sister Wives has been praised for shedding light on polygamous families and challenging stereotypes, it has also faced criticism and controversy. The show has sparked numerous social and religious debates. It raises questions about polygamy, gender roles, and the impact of unconventional family structures on children. The series also faces criticism for potentially glamorizing polygamy and portraying it as a viable lifestyle option.

The cast of Sister Wives
The cast of Sister Wives

What is Kody Brown’s net worth in 2023?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kody Brown has an estimated net worth of $800,000 in 2023.

Before starring in Sister Wives, Kody worked in firearms sales, serving as the president of Das Hundhaus Firearms and Accessories in Utah. When Sister Wives debuted in 2010, it has been has been Kody’s primary source of income. Kody earns a salary for appearing on the show and likely participates in profit-sharing agreements.

In addition to the salary he gets from starring in Sister Wives, Kody also earned money from his own production company, Kody Brown Family Entertainment, LLC, which he founded in 2010. This company managed the family’s various ventures, such as book deals and merchandise, which also contributed to Kody’s overall net worth.

Kody Brown Family Entertainment has been inactive following the departure of three of Kody’s wives. Dabsark Entertainment, LLC, a production company founded in 2022, is speculated to be the new entity for the family’s entertainment ventures, focusing on managing the projects of Kody and his remaining wife Robyn.

Kody also has a Cameo account where he charges fans $99 for personalized video messages.

Read on to find out the respective net worths of Kody’s wife and ex-wives.

Net Worth of Robyn Brown

Robyn Brown
Robyn Brown

Robyn Brown is the fourth and legal wife of Kody Brown. They got married in 2010. Robyn has five children, two of whom are with Kody, while the older three are with her ex-husband David Preston Jessop.

Robyn’s net worth is estimated to be around $600,000, making her the wealthiest of Kody’s wives. Her income sources include her Sister Wives salary and earnings from different business ventures, including My Sisterwife’s Closet, an online jewelry line she co-founded with her sister wives.

For a time, Robyn was involved in selling LuLaRoe clothing, but she no longer seems actively associated with the brand. Additionally, like her husband, Robyn also offers personalized video messages via Cameo for $45, providing a direct income stream.

Net Worth of Meri Brown

Meri Brown
Meri Brown

Meri Brown is the first wife of Kody Brown. They have one child together. As of 2023, Meri has an estimated net worth of $400,000. Meri is the owner of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, a thriving bed and breakfast located in Utah, which she purchased and renovated in 2017. This has become her primary source of income since leaving Sister Wives.

Meri also earns some money from the abovementioned My Sisterwife’s Closet and from creating personalized Cameo video messages, which are priced at $35 each.

Net Worth of Janelle Brown

Janelle Brown
Janelle Brown

Janelle Brown is the second wife of Kody Brown. They got married in 1993 and have six children together. As of 2023, Janelle has a net worth of around $400,000, In addition to her Sister Wives salary during her stint on the show, Janelle also makes money from her real estate investments. Janelle has actively invested in real estate, owning multiple properties throughout the years. Rental income from these properties is a significant contributor to her overall income.

Like her sister wives, Janelle also earns bucks from their My Sisterwife’s Closet business and from creating personalized Cameo video messages, priced at $35 each.

Net Worth of Christine Brown

Christine Brown

Christine Brown is the third wife of Kody Brown. They got married in 1994 and have six kids together. Like Meri and Janelle, Christine’s net worth as of 2023 is around $400,000. Since her departure from Sister Wives, Christine has leveraged her passion for cooking, releasing cookbooks, online recipes, and cooking-related posts on social media presence. It is believed that a huge chunk of her income comes from these initiatives.

Christine also has a share of the revenues of My Sisterwife’s Closet. She also earns extra money from offering personalized video messages for $35 on Cameo.
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