MSi’s Prestige laptops come color calibrated out of the box

These laptops are designed to take on the MacBook Pro by offering even better color accuracy and a more affordable price tag

MSi might be best known for their powerful gaming laptops, but their newest Prestige laptops are aimed at power-hungry content creators. To that effect, the new MSi Prestige 14 and 15 laptops both feature TruePixel displays which offer 100% RGB support and color accuracy. MSi manually color collaborates every laptop panel before it’s shipped out.

These new laptops are powerful enough to edit 8K video. Both laptops come powered by an Intel 10th gen Core i7 CPU which offers up to 50% more power than its predecessor.

Both the Prestige 14 and 15 offer similar hardware features, but the Prestige 14 offers a 10-hour battery life while the 15 offers a 16-hour battery life. The Prestige 14 is obviously the smaller of the two, and it weighs just 2.62lbs.

MSI’s Creator Center software

The laptops are also bundled with MSI’s Creator Center software which optimizes the laptop when you’re using popular power-intensive creator software creator like Adobe Premiere, Effects, etc.

MSi Modern 14 laptop

Both Prestige laptops will be aggressively priced to undercut the MacBook Pro. But if you’re a content creator with an especially tight budget, MSi’s new Modern series starts at just $749, comes with a 4K display, aluminum build, and can be configured with a Nvida MX250 graphics card.