LEGO releases iconic James Bond Aston Martin

A piece of movie memorabilia well worth owning…

LEGO releases iconic James Bond Aston Martin 15

LEGO has released a James Bond LEGO Creator’s set. Well, not quite Bond himself, but it’s his iconic Aston Martin from Goldfinger.

In terms of movie motors, it doesn’t get much better than this and LEGO are giving you the chance to put it together and own your very own miniature version.

The LEGO replica comes with a bunch of cool 007 features too. For instance, there is a working ejection seat, rotating license plates, rear-window bullet shield, front-wing machine guns, and wheel-mounted tire slashers

It’s a model that definitely has a license to thrill Bond fans.

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The mini-replica is a lot cheaper than your average Aston Martin too; it can be bought for around $149.99 and will be available starting August 1st.

It will be interesting to see whether other Bond vehicles follow; we’d love to see LEGO versions of 007’s other iconic cars.