Kirby-themed cafe opens in Japan

The cafe will be open for a limited time through February

Kirby-themed cafe opens in Japan 3
Kirby mousse at the Kirby cafe

Guess what! Kirby’s getting his own restaurant! On Thursday (Sept. 27), a Kirby-themed cafe is opening in Tokyo, Japan. On the menu, there’s a number of playful meals – all of which are nearly too cute to eat.

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Kirby omelet

For starters, you have the ‘Waddle Dee Napping Rice Omelet’, an omurice (omelet rice) treat that features a napping Kirby fashioned from rice and topped with ketchup.

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Kirby Caprese salad

As an appetizer you’re served a cypress salad, again, featuring Kirby, but this time you better hurry because he’s trying to suck up the goods before you can have a go!

Kirby-themed cafe opens in Japan 6
Kirby Burger

When it comes to the main course, there’s a Kirby Burger and Chef Kawasaki’s Capricious Bread Bowl Stew. I’ll be honest, while the stew looks tasty, the Kirby Burger is out of this world in terms of its cuteness and curiosity factor. This $24 plate comes with a cheeseburger fixed between two pink buns, with the top bun sporting Kirby’s smiling face. In addition to the burger, there’s a side of pasta, steak fries, star-shaped tots, and a cup of soup.

And if there’s still have room for dessert, you have two option. Namely, the Kirby Fluffy Strawberry Mousse and the Whispy Woods Sweets Plate. The Kirby Strawberry Mousse is just that – Kirby-themed strawberry mousse. The Sweets Plate, however, is a dessert plate packed with several different sweets, including cake and ice cream.

The Kirby Cafe will only be open for a limited time, so you better reserve your seat (and fly tickets) now! Sources say the cafe officially opens on September 27th and will close near the end of February.

Funnily, the Kirby Cafe is very reminiscent of the Hello Kitty-themed cafe we recently reported on.


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