Kim Hyun Joong’s Bio-Rhythm World Tour culminates in Manila

Henecias, your Ji Hoo Sunbae is back!

It’s been 10 years in the making, but Kim Hyun Joong, finally returned to Manila for the crescendo of his Bio-Rhythm World Tour. The event, produced by Istudyo ni Pipay, took place on January 25th, 2020, at the Skydome.

The Kpop and Kdrama star initially rose to fame as the lead singer of SS501. But he propelled to new heights of stardom when he was cast as Yoon Ji Hoo, the mysterious knight in shining armor, in Boys Over Flowers. The TV series took the world by storm in 2009 and became one of the catalysts for the international hype over South Korean pop culture. It wasn’t long until he captivated fans from all over the world with his talent and charm. He was soon dubbed by fans as “the prince of second lead”. In case you’re feeling left out, and wondering how he acquired that particular nickname, we suggest that you head over to Netflix to binge-watch the show. Only then can you understand the attachment that fans have to the lovable character that Mr. Kim artfully portrayed.

After taking a hiatus for a few years, Kim made his much-awaited acting comeback in the 2018 drama/romance series, When Time Stopped. He followed this feat up with his New Way Concert Tour and Bio-Rhythm World Tour in 2019. The latter launched in August 2019 with Osaka, Japan, as its first stop. Next, he invaded more than 10 other cities in Asia and South America, including Bangkok, Hong Kong, Mexico, and Macau.

The final leg of the tour was held in Manila, much to the local supporters’ delight. The fans or “Henecias”, as Kim Hyun Joong fondly calls them, were in for a night of a variety of fantastic music. It was a complete spectrum of heartwarming ballads that revolved around emotions of pain and love, and upbeat hits that magnetically compelled you to dance and sing along (whether you speak a word of Korean or not!).

The concert kicked off with the explosive hit, Bark Matic, and was followed by a lineup of his latest music, such as Why, Love Song, Smile in Wine, and Four Seasons. On top of that, the setlist was joined by nostalgic tunes and throwbacks including Moonlight, Beauty Beauty, I’m a Million, and Gentleman. Each song was masterfully accompanied by the stellar Gemini Band. The impeccable performances were a true exemplification of Kim Hyun Joong’s extraordinary vocal chops and reignited star power.

If we had to crown one moment as the highlight of the concert, it would have to be his mellow rendition of the Boys Over Flowers OST, Because I’m Stupid, which evoked the most enraptured response of the night. Actually, we’re torn between that and when he walked down the stage and straight into the crowd three times.

With the help of his interpreter, the Korean icon addressed his audience in between songs, expressing his surprise and gratitude toward their unwavering support despite the fact that it has been a decade since he set foot on a Philippine stage.

“So, I have not seen you for a while. Maybe there are some of you guys who liked me when you were wearing your school uniforms, and now maybe there are fans who already got married. So, I really missed you, Philippines.”

Kim Hyun Joong proceeded to compliment the concertgoers’ warmth and energy. The night progressed with catchy tunes paired with his iconic dance moves, and witty audience interactions that kept the crowd cheering and swaying nonstop.

To bid farewell to the Bio-Rhythm World Tour, Kim Hyun Joong gave a powerful rendition of the justice-themed song, Astraea. Just when everyone thought the show was over, he serenaded the Skydome crowd with an emotional encore medley of his most popular hits. Bio-Rhythm was officially capped off with the inspirational anthem, New Way.

But wait, there’s more! As an included perk for everyone who attended the event, Kim Hyun Joong stood by the venue’s exit to give everyone a “hi-touch”, which is a handshake to say goodbye. Furthermore, the few audience members with INP tickets were included in a photo op with the artist, courtesy of the production company’s official photographer. The same individuals were entitled to a sneak peek of the soundcheck earlier that day.

As the event concluded, gifts, standees, and, banners displayed outside of the venue provided by the dedicated official Philippine Henecias fan club were taken down to give to Kim Hyun Joong as a souvenir.

“So, this is the end of the world tour Bio-Rhythm. I hope you enjoyed this one.” Kim Hyun Joong announced as his closing remarks. “I promise to see you here again in the Skydome. I love you, Philippines. Thank you!”

The crowd warmly applauded again as Kim Hyun Joong and the Gemini Band took a bow.

Giving a 3-hour comeback performance of this magnitude, Kim has proven that his song doesn’t lie; he truly is A Million. As with any fandom, Henecias look forward to the next time they could see their idol in person.

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