iPhone Face ID will soon work with face masks on, but there’s a catch

You’re going to need to have an Apple Watch too

iPhone Face ID will soon work with face masks on
iPhone Face ID will soon work with face masks on

With people wearing face masks on a regular basis these days, unlocking an iPhone using facial recognition has become a non-starter. This has finally led Apple to develop new software to help its users unlock their iPhones with Face ID even while wearing a face mask.

CNN reports that the company is currently testing the new software that will allow iPhone users to use Face ID to unlock their iPhone, even while wearing a mask. But there is a catch – it will require an Apple Watch to work.

Via an iOS update, the feature will require that your iPhone communicates with your Apple Watch to see if it’s within close proximity. Once unlocked, the Apple Watch will vibrate to signify that the iPhone has been successfully unlocked via Face ID.

That said, this new feature will not be automatically activated after installing the upcoming iOS update. Instead, users will have to activate it through the iPhone’s settings. It’s worth mentioning that using this method to unlock does not authorize “face mask” transactions through Apple Pay, the App Store, or iTunes.

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