These Halloween boots and high-heel shoes are too wacky to be spooky

The boots have glow-in-the-dark skull-shaped heels

Looking for shoes that will spice up your Halloween costume this trick-or-treat season? Well, look no further, as British fashion brand Irregular Choice has got you covered. Specializing in unusual footwear, bags, and other accessories, Irregular Choice is selling a pair of boots and a pair of high heel shoes that are sure to add a touch of wackiness to your Halloween outfit. Check them out below:

Halloween Irregular Choice ‘Ghost Train’ Boots, $349.99

These boots have polyurethane faux leather uppers adorned with different appliqued and embroidered graphics, including a skull-shaped tunnel with a train coming out from it, and neon-colored flames inside the skull’s eye sockets. The design also includes a ghost-shaped smoke coming from the train’s funnel, a gray/purple railway made with bones, and the words “Ghost Train” emblazoned at the top edge of the boots. The most eccentric feature of the footwear, however, is its 3.5-inch, glow-in-the-dark skull-shaped heels with eye sockets that light up. For comfortable and easy wearing, these boots also have cushioned insoles and zippers on the inner side.

Halloween Irregular Choice Ectoplasmic Ghost Heels, $189.99

If you’re not a fan of boots, then these high heel shoes may suit your taste. Also made with polyurethane faux leather uppers, this footwear is decorated with appliqued graphics of ghosts and embroidered images of stars. It also features “Booo” and “Ahhh” straps that attach with hooks and loop fasteners. The heels of the shoes are 3.5 inches tall and each one is adorned with a drape of white fabric with a ghost face. Underneath the drapes are images of human skeletons, bats, spiders, and more.