This Grumpy Cat gaming chair is perfect for working from home

It’s a limited edition model priced at $399

Anyone who’s been on the internet knows who Grumpy Cat is. The loveable feline with the sour face started her internet career as a simple meme and has now grown into a full-fledged brand with millions of followers on its social media pages. These include merchandise like Grumpy Cat shirts, a Grumpy Cat book, Grumpy Cat calendar, and now, even a Grumpy Cat gaming chair.

Created in partnership with gaming chair brand DXRacer, the limited edition Grumpy Cat gaming chair features an image of Grumpy Cat’s famous scowl surrounded by little “Grumpmoji’s.” It’s covered in brown and white polyurethane leather and sports high-density mold shaping foam for maximum comfort.

Additionally, it comes with lumbar support and headrest pillows with the Grumpy Cat branding on it and is capable of 135 degrees adjustable back angle and DXRacer’s signature multi-functional tilt controls.

The limited-edition Grumpy Cat gaming chair is currently already available in the US for $399.00. You can order through DXRacer’s official site.