Data confirms that furniture shopping ruins relationships

An average couple will have around 72 disagreements about furniture purchase in one year.

If you want to keep your romantic relationship smooth sailing, then try not to go furniture shopping with your partner.

According to a survey conducted by online furniture brand Article with the polling company OnePoll, furniture shopping ruins relationships.

The study says that the average American couple will have around 72 disagreements about decor style, purchasing decisions, and furniture purchase in one year. Eight of those fights will take place at the furniture store. Fifteen tiffs will happen inside the house they are trying to furnish. Ten arguments will break out in front of a friend or a family member. Four fights will happen on an airplane and the remaining 35 arguments will most likely occur in random places such as movie theatres, libraries, and parks.

Fifteen percent of the 2000 respondents keep away from going to the furniture store with their partner because the visit always makes them feeling grumpy with each other. Twenty-one percent of them find shopping with their partner “annoying” and 58 percent deliberately keep their opinions to themselves to stay away from fights altogether.

While the survey doesn’t specify whether any of the respondents ended up splitting with their partner after furniture shopping, it’s good to know that a simple visit to a furniture store could start a clash between lovers and must be avoided whenever possible.

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