Ferrari plans to build the first ever all-electronic supercar

Ferrari isn’t going to let Tesla steal all of the electric vehicle headlines anymore

Ferrari is planning to develop and build the first ever all-electric supercar.

Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Ferrari NV, told reporters that they have already set out plans to build the innovative battery-powered vehicle.

Marchionne said: “If there is an electric supercar to be built, then Ferrari will be the first.

Traditionally supercars have been viewed as sexy, sleek and stylish vehicles, while their electronic counterparts have struggled in the fashion stakes.

However, Tesla’s Roadster and Model S have somewhat turned the tide on that reputation and given electric car buyers a top-notch luxurious option.

Mr Marchionne downplayed the influence of Tesla and their co-owner and CEO, Elon Musk, on the electronic car market, by stating: “People are amazed at what Tesla did… I’m not trying to minimize what Elon did but I think it’s doable by all of us.”

His comments come in the wake of Tesla’s impressive SpaceX mission, where they sent one of their vehicles into space. That stunt has been viewed as a serious marketing victory for Musk and his company and has made other motoring giants, such as Ferrari, stand up and take notice.

Catching up with electric manufacturers still might be a few steps down the line though, as the sport’s car manufacturer priority will be focused on producing their first ever SUV.

Marchionne has promised that the Italian automobile behemoth will be releasing an SUV in 2019 or 2020 and it will be the “fastest on the market.”

Source: Techcrunch
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