The fastest shrinking cities in the US

These American cities are feeling the effects of economic decline

The fastest shrinking cities in the US 14
Gil Lebois, Wikimedia Commons

The world is still suffering from the pandemic, and while we grapple with this worldwide catastrophe, its effects are everywhere around us and they show themselves in many forms. In the US, there are a bunch of cities that have been shrinking due to the lack of economic opportunity in multiple industries, which has forced many people to relocate in search of better opportunities. However, this actually started long before COVID-19 ever reared its ugly head. Hit by a decline in jobs in manufacturing, construction, logging, and mining; we’ve collected a list of some of the fastest shrinking cities in the US.

#1 Pine Bluff, Arkansas

The fastest shrinking cities in the US 15
Roland Klose, Wikimedia Commons

Population in 2010: 100,258

Population in 2020: 87,751

Famous for its vast creeks, streams, and bayous, Pine Bluff is the tenth-largest city in the state of Arkansas. However, despite its size, Pine Bluff saw a population drop of 12.5% over the previous decade. The population decline has been attributed to a decline in agriculture and manufacturing employment. To make matters worse, some of its school districts have been experiencing a high homicide rate.

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