Eufy Smart Floodlight Camera review 1

Eufy Smart Floodlight Camera review

Eufy Smart Floodlight and Camera review
Bottom Line
Eufy Smart Floodlight & Camera is bursting with useful home security monitoring features, all without subscription upsells. It's also weatherproof and intelligently designed.
Highly customizable
Great price
Guest profiles
Great video quality
Very bright weatherproof light
2-way audio & loud alarm
Auto night vision
Standalone from Eufy Home Base
A little wider angle of view would be nice

Home security is mostly all about deterrents. And few things are as deterring as a 2500-Lumen light suddenly shining in the face of an unwanted visitor. The Eufy Smart Floodlight Camera couples that with 1080p live camera recording and a real-time alarm and/or microphone speaker talkback for a powerful deterrent at your fingertips. It is easy to install and even easier to use with the accompanying Eufy app.

We have tested a lot of Eufy products and are always impressed by how easy they are to use and install, especially at such a competitive price. Previously we tested EufyCam 2 and loved it, so a natural expansion to our Eufy home ecosystem is the Smart Floodlight Camera. Although it does not connect to the home base of the EufyCam 2, it does work off the same app and is quite seamless to use simultaneously. It shows the Floodlight camera on the same page as the other cameras within the app.

Physical install is easy, but takes some forethought>

The Eufy Smart Floodlight with Camera is wired so you have the option to plug it into a very closeby outlet or to install it into an existing light fixture spot with existing wiring. It is also very weatherproof so we switched out our plain old front porch/garage light for the Eufy Smart Floodlight and setup took a mere 10 minutes before it was up and running. From there, we just angled the camera optimally and adjusted the lights to point where needed, and that was it, physical installation complete. Connecting it to the app was just as easy.

Home security customization features abound

From within the app, the customizations are boundless. That’s one thing we really like about Eufy products, they don’t short you on customizations and features or hinge it on pricey subscriptions. If they have the functionality, they share it with you. For example, you can set custom motion zones, up to 4. Have a bush that blows in the wind? Avoid false alerts by building your motion zones around it. Hear a noise and want to turn the floodlight on? You can do that from the app instantly. Need to tell your postal worker something? Two-way audio works great. Porch pirate sizing your porch up? The camera’s 100dB alarm can be turned on at your discretion. You can even control the strength of the brightness of the lights or put them on a schedule. Scheduling can even be based on the location of your phone, using different settings for when you are home and when you are not. Custom security building options is by far one of the best features of Eufy. It means that someone using it for a Brooklyn porch stoop can use it just as well as a country dweller.

An ever watching eye

The camera offers a 140-degree view that can be manually adjusted to physically point where you need it to. When triggered the camera records and live streams in full 1080p HD that is downloadable and screenshot able as well as stored in the app all with no extra fees! We can access months of events still, making the value of this buy one that keeps growing. You can also give guests or family members access to only what you want them to see, another free killer custom feature.

The Bottom Line

Eufy’s Smart Floodlight with Camera is an excellent buy. Skip purchasing a smart doorbell camera and a floodlight. Get this instead to save money and get 10x the features. Eufy makes this a one-time purchase buy-in, with no more upsells, and that includes video event storage, motion detection zones, and guest access, all things other brands try to lure you into a subscription for. The sheer amount of customizable features in this product is astounding. It is weatherproof, has auto night vision, and is extremely bright and easy to use. It also pairs well with other Eufy home security products but is not dependant on them.

Eufy’s Smart Floodlight camera retails for $199 at Amazon.

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