Dunkin’s Pancake Wake-Up Wrap is perfect for brunch on the go

The hand-held pancake dish strikes a balance between savory and sweet

Pancake Wake-Up Wrap

Dunkin’s Pancake Wake-Up Wrap is the ultimate on-the-go brunch for pancake lovers.

Americans love pancakes but the breakfast classic is typically consumed while seated in front of a table. The coffee and doughnut company seems to have understood the difficulty in wolfing down scrumptious pancakes on the go, so the restaurant chain created an iteration of the morning treat that everyone can enjoy while traveling to school or work.

What is Dunkin’s Pancake Wake-Up Wrap?

Dunkin's Pancake Wake-Up wrap

Dunkin’s Pancake Wake-Up Wrap is one of the most portable yet satisfyingly sweet hand-held breakfasts you can have. Folded for an on-the-go delight, this pillowy pancake with sweet maple flavor does double duty as a wrap, which is filled with half an egg, bacon or sausage, and melted cheese. Each order of the menu item also comes with a side of dipping syrup to indulge in.

Dunkin fans can customize their order of Pancake Wake-Up Wrap on the company’s mobile app. You can choose between bacon or sausage, or go without meat. You can also pick between American cheese or cheddar cheese, or get rid of the cheese and/or egg altogether.

According to Dunkin, the Pancake Wake-Up Wrap pairs perfectly with a cup of Dunkin’ Holiday Blend coffee or the seasonal Cookie Butter Cold Brew. The savory, maple-flavored goodness of the Pancake Wake-Up Wrap goes very well with the respective taste of the two beverages.

Pancake Wake-Up Wrap release date

Dunkin’s Pancake Wake-Up Wrap was launched in November 2022, just in time for last year’s holiday season. It was introduced as part of the company’s 2022 holiday menu, which also included the Cookie Butter Cold Brew and the new Cookie Butter Donut.

In addition to the three menu items, Dunkin’ also brought back a handful of their seasonal fan favorites; the Cranberry Orange Muffin, the Holiday Blend Coffee, the Toasted White Chocolate Signature Latte, and the Peppermint Mocha Signature Latte.

Unlike some limited-time items from the Dunkin’ holiday menu, the Pancake Wake-Up wrap is still available at Dunkin’ locations across the United States.

How to get a free Pancake Wake-Up wrap

To celebrate the November 2022 launch of the pancake wrap, Dunkin’ Rewards members were given a free Pancake Wake-Up Wrap for every purchase of the company’s fully-priced medium or large drinks. Unfortunately, this promotion was only available from November 16th to 29th of the previous year.

Did Dunkin’ discontinue Wake-Up Wrap?

No. As mentioned above, Dunkin’ still serves Pancake Wake-Up Wrap. A quick look at the company’s website will reveal that it’s still part of its menu.

Dunkin's Pancake Wake-Up Wrap at Dunkin's website

How many calories are in a Pancake Wake-Up Wrap?

The total calorie amount of a Pancake Wake-Up Wrap depends on your choice of meat filling. A bacon-filled wrap has 220 calories, while a sausage-filled wrap contains 290 calories. If you choose Turkey sausage as your meat, your wrap will have 240 calories, but if you go meatless, the wrap will only have 180 calories.

Source: Dunkin’
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