Apple is working on touchless control and curved screens for future iPhones

It’s about time Apple started innovating again

Those crazy kids at Apple Inc. are always looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd.

If you want an example of this, all you have to do is look at their decision to declare the headphone jack an obsolete piece of technology when releasing the iPhone 7.

The Google Pixel followed suit and Apple once again proved to be one the leaders, rather than one of the followers.

This is a company that wants to create new boundaries, so it stands out from what is now a crowded marketplace by becoming the first, rather than the ‘next.’

According to Bloomberg sources, their latest innovative plan is to create a touchless gesture control, and they also want to create curved screens for future models of the iPhone.

The touchless feature would allow users to control their phone by moving their finger close to a screen, they would never actually have to touch it though. Remember that movie, Minority Report, and the technology used within it – well, picture that, just with a phone.

Apple is working on touchless control and curved screens for future iPhones 2

This technology won’t be ready for approximately two years, but if Apple does decide to go ahead with it, then it will mark yet another moment where they changed how we interact with technology.

The latest iPhones contain sensors which cause the phone to respond differently depending on the pressure of the touch. As advanced as that tech is, the sensor feature would represent an even bigger move away from traditional touch screens.

According to the source, Apple is also working on curved displays for their new iPhones. These will differ from Samsung’s latest offerings, which curve at the edges, as the iPhone’s display will curve inwards.

Both of these new features are still in the early research stage, but they nonetheless represent a continued ambition from Apple to be one of the most innovative technology brands out there today.

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