Craftsman relaunches with over 1200 new products

The iconic brand has a TON of new products to introduce ranging from storage systems to snow blowers

Whether you’re a DIY hobbyist, a car mechanic, or a handyman, chances are that the iconic Craftsman brand is dear to your heart. That is because the brand has been manufacturing high quality, yet affordable tools for over 90 years.

Recently the brand relaunched by announcing over 1200 new products. Here are few of our personal favorites from their 2018 product lineup.

Job Site Radio

Job site radio on top of the Versa Stacj Storage system

Craftsman has redesigned and modernized their job site radio. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and it can wireless connect to a device up to 350 feet. We listened to it in a crowded and very large room and can verify that it’s indeed able to get plenty loud – loud enough to be heard over a noisy job site. It’s also IP54 dust and water resistant, and it can be stacked and locked on top of Craftsman’s new Versa Stack storage System.

Versa Stack Storage system

Speaking of the new Versa Stack Storage system, the system works almost like Lego blocks. So not only are these storage blocks super tough and easy to transport, but they are also able to stack up and lock into each other to create a portable tower of storage.

Cabinet with power station

Cabinet with power station

Do you watch YouTube videos while you work? Then you need to check out the new Craftsman Tool Chest & Rolling Cabinet Combo because it packs in a neat top hilt compartment. The cabinet hides a built-in charging station for conveniently powering your power tools along with USB ports for charging mobile devices. You can also use the charging station to house and charge your laptop so that you can watch videos while you’re working.

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V20 universal slide pack design

Craftsman has created a new universal slide pack design for their V20 battery, that means that the same V20 battery can be conveniently used in several of their cordless drills — you can even use this battery pack to start their new gas-powered lawn mower!

Stud Sensor

Judie from Gear Diary tries out the Craftsman Stud Sensor

This last product, the Craftsman Stud Sensor, would make a great stocking stuffer for the handyperson in your life.

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Cabinet with charging station

These products just barely scratch the surface of the vast and diverse line of new products that Craftsman has launched. In addition to the products mentioned above, they have introduced a comprehensive line up of storage solutions, power tools and equipment, gas-powered outdoor equipment (including snow blowers and tractors), over 600 new mechanics tools, and more than 100 new hand tools.

It’s worth noting that many of these products are made in America. Craftsman says that they have plans to increase their manufacturing in the U.S.A. and that at present, they have over 20 facilities in the U.S.