Celebs who made guest appearances on The Simpsons

Did your favorite The Simpsons celebrity guest star make the list?

guest appearances on The Simpsons

Celebrity guest stars have been a staple of The Simpsons since it launched in 1989. While most guest stars in the Matt Groening-created series are TV and movie personalities, several recording artists, authors, athletes, politicians, and even scientists have also appeared on the show. In the early seasons of the animated sitcom, guest stars typically voiced original characters, but over the years, the number of those appearing as themselves has increased. As of April this year, around 900 guest stars have already been featured on the show. And as a refresher for all the fans of the series, we rounded up the most remarkable guest appearances on The Simpsons in the list below.

50 Cent as himself

Celebs who made guest appearances on The Simpsons 14

Rapper 50 Cent voiced himself in a brief cameo in season 16, episode 9, titled Pranksta Rap, which found Bart escaping from Homer and Marge after they didn’t let him go to a rap concert.

While in Alcatraaz’s Hummer H1 limo, Bart encountered 50 Cent who was next to them in a golden Hummer H1 limo. The rapper told Bart to stay in school, saying: “The more you know, the further you go.” He then asks a court-ordered or a legal assistant if the advice he gave Bart counts for community service.