Cardi B doll is all about inclusivity

The Cardi B doll is co-created by a new doll brand called Real Women Are

Cardi B doll

Recording artist and fashion icon Cardi B has teamed up with new doll brand Real Women Are for a limited-edition Cardi B doll.

Unveiled last Friday to celebrate the power of authenticity and diversity this Women’s History Month, the Cardi B doll is created in the rapper’s outspoken, colorful, and confident likeness. To make sure that doll captures her essence, Cardi B led the creative direction of the toy and was an integral part of its production process.

As seen in the photo, the Cardi B doll has a contemporary and on-trend look, with her hair and makeup reflecting the latest in beauty trends. The doll also features additional clothing pieces and accessories like sunglasses, earrings, bracelets, and a watch.

Cardi B doll is all about inclusivity 2

“As everyone knows, I’m a mom. And today, more than ever, it’s important to me to give my daughter inspiration and badass women to look up to,” Cardi B said in a news release announcing her very own doll. “Working with Real Women Are is a chance for me to provide my daughter and other little girls something that looks like them to play with to inspire them. We’re in the White House now, but we’re still so far behind in other places. Representation matters.”

Inspired by the drive, tenacity, diversity and beauty of today’s powerful women, Real Women Are is the first doll brand owned and led by minority women, which targets women and girls of all ethnicities. Backed by the National Entertainment Collectibles Association, the Real Women Are brand provides girls with creatively inspired representations of whoever they want to be, not what they should be based on outdated standards. Following the Cardi B doll, Real Women Are will release dolls in various colors, shapes, sizes, and abilities.

“What makes Real Women Are special is that young girls of color are a priority to the doll brand,” said Cardi B. “We want them to know that they are special. That they are worthy of having a toy that looks like them. We’re not building Real Women Are as an afterthought or something just to check off a box. Creating a doll that is a mirror of our daughters, nieces and granddaughters is at our very core.”

Where to buy Cardi B doll?

The Cardi B doll is available for preorder for $35 on until the end of March 8th with shipping slated to begin this July.

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