Bookie season 2: Has the comedy series been renewed for another season on Max?

Is the series created by Chuck Lorre and Nick Bakay returning for a season 2?

Omar J. Dorsey and Sebastian Maniscalo in Bookie

Bookie, the gambling-themed comedy series co-created by Chuck Lorre and Nick Bakay, stole the hearts of many viewers during its first-season run on Max. But has it won over enough audiences to return for another batch of episodes? Read on to find out whether the show has officially cashed in on a second season.

Will there be a Bookie season 2?

Yes, Bookie is set to return for another round. On January 5, 2024, the streaming service announced that the Warner Bros. Television-produced series has been renewed for season 2 at Max. The show’s renewal for a sophomore run came just a couple of weeks after the conclusion of its eight-episode season 1, which premiered on November 30, 2023, and ended on December 21, 2023.

“There’s no doubt that Chuck and Nick’s Bookie won big this season as they took us on a hilarious ride into the underbelly of illegal sports gambling, featuring a cast led by another dynamic duo: Sebastian Maniscalo and Omar J. Dorsey.” WBTV chairman Channing Dungey said in a statement. “I’m looking forward to watching more of their antics in season two. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew, and thanks to our partners at Max.”

Amy Gravitt, Executive Vice President Programming and Head of Comedy and HBO and Max, added: “The collaboration between Chuck and Sebastian has proven to be a winning hand and we’re looking forward to continuing the story with this incredibly talented cast and crew.

Sebastian Maniscalco as Danny in Bookie
Sebastian Maniscalco as Danny in Bookie

What is Bookie about?

Bookie revolves around Danny, a charismatic but down-on-his-luck gambling addict who runs a small-time, illegal bookmaking operation out of his Los Angeles home. In the first season, bookie Danny must fight to survive the legalization of sports gambling, increasingly unstable clients, and fast-paced life in the City of Angeles.

Who are the cast of Bookie

  • Sebastian Maniscalco as Danny: The show’s protagonist, Danny is a charismatic bookie struggling to keep his illegal operation afloat in the midst of changing laws and mounting debts. He’s quick-witted, resourceful, and often gets sucked into his own schemes.

  • Omar Dorsey as Ray: Danny’s loyal best friend and accountant, Ray is the voice of reason, albeit a neurotic one. He helps Danny with his business but constantly worries about the consequences.

  • Andrea Anders as Sandra: Danny’s sassy, sharp-tongued mother who knows about his shady business yet still offers him some begrudging support. She adds a unique blend of humor and warmth to the show.

  • Vanessa Ferlito as Lorraine: Danny’s estranged sister, Lorraine is a streetwise hustler with a gambling problem of her own. She sometimes helps Danny out, but their relationship is often strained.

  • Jorge Garcia as Hector: A former drug dealer turned Lyft driver, Hector becomes an unexpected confidant to Danny. He’s funny, insightful, and provides a different perspective on Danny’s life.

  • Maxim Swinton as Anthony: A tech-savvy young entrepreneur, Anthony gets involved with Danny’s world and tries to modernize his operation. He clashes with Danny’s old-school methods but brings valuable knowledge to the table.

  • Charlie Sheen as Himself: Playing a hyper-inflated version of himself, Sheen appears as a high-rolling gambler who becomes indebted to Danny. Their interactions are filled with hilarious chaos and meta-humor.

A scene from Bookie season 1
A scene from Bookie season 1

Is Bookie worth watching?

Whether or not Bookie is worth watching depends on your preferences and sense of humor. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

Reasons to watch it

  • Sharp and witty humor: The show boasts clever dialogue and well-timed jokes, especially if you enjoy Chuck Lorre’s signature comedic style
  • Compelling characters: The main cast is a mix of lovable rogues, neurotic worriers, and straight men, creating interesting dynamics and conflicts.
  • Darkly comedic look at a forbidden world: The show sheds light on the often chaotic and morally ambiguous world of illegal gambling without glorifying it.
  • Good performances: The cast delivers solid performances, with Sebastian Maniscalco leading the way with his charismatic portrayal of Danny.

Reasons why it might not be your cup of tea

  • Repetitive jokes and scenarios: Some viewers might find the humor predictable after a while, especially if they’re familiar with Lorre’s previous work. For the uninitiated, Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory are also created by Lorre.
  • Stereotypical characters: Some characters, like Danny’s mother and sister, fall into familiar TV tropes and lack depth.
  • Occasional crude humor: The show can be vulgar at times, with plenty of adult jokes and situations.
  • Focus on gambling: If you’re not interested in gambling or find the subject matter triggering, this show might not be for you.

Overall, Bookie is a well-made comedy with a distinct voice, but its appeal will depend on your taste. If you enjoy dark humor, quirky characters, and a glimpse into the underbelly of Los Angeles, it’s definitely worth checking out. However, if you prefer more nuanced humor or find gambling themes uncomfortable, you might want to skip it.

Bookie | Official Trailer | Max

Who is Sebastian Maniscalco?

Sebastian Maniscalco is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and writer, known for his observational humor and physical comedy.

Career Highlights

  • Stand-up: He’s achieved significant success in stand-up, releasing six comedy specials, including Stay Focused and Heavy Sounds. He’s known for his energetic delivery, witty takes on everyday life, and self-deprecating humor.
  • Acting: Before starring in Bookie,  Maniscalco played supporting roles in several films, including Green Book, The Irishman, and Somewhere in Queens. He recently co-wrote and co-starred in the highly anticipated film About My Father alongside Robert De Niro.
  • Writing: He co-wrote Somewhere in Queens and About My Father, showcasing his talent for storytelling beyond stand-up routines.

Personal Life

  • Born in 1973 in Illinois, he graduated from Northern Illinois University.
  • Married to Lana Gomez since 2013, they have two children.
  • Outside of comedy, he’s passionate about fitness and boxing.
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