Atmotube Pro is a tiny device that gives real-time air quality updates

The WHO says pollution is a major cause of respiratory damage, stroke, heart disease

The Worlds Health Organization says “air pollution is a major cause of death and disease globally.” In fact, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as mold, dust, soot, and pollen account for over 4 million premature deaths per year.

However, until now there’s never been a simple, straight forward way to know if the air around us is clean.

Meet the Atmotube Pro, a small, wearable device that’s designed to analyzes the surrounding air so that users spend as little time as possible in unsafe environments. Engineered to display any one of five air quality scores ranging from ‘Good’ to ’Severely Polluted’, the Atmotube Pro obtains its results in real-time.

The company behind the product says its goal is to reduce the risk of VOC-related respiratory damage, stroke, and live/heart/brain disease. Powered by one of the most accurate sensors in the industry, the Atmotube Pro can measure particulate matter as tiny as 1μg – and works inside and outdoors.

Starting today (Feb 12th), the Atmotube Pro is available via preorder for $131. The company expects to start shipping in April. Stay tuned for our full review of the device.