Smartphone app tests your vision for reading glasses

This iOS-exclusive app can test for common eyesight problems 👓

Is there an app to test tour eyesight?

At-home vision testing company EyeQue has announced an iOS app that will help users test for presbyopia at home. Presbyopia is a common age-related vision condition that usually leads to people needing reading glasses, and the app helps users figure this out. Specifically, Eyeque is utilizing AR vision testing technology through its MyReaderNumber app.

Presbyopia is often present in people aged 40 and over. It causes difficulty in seeing things up close. It also causes screens to look blurry with objects or text needing to be enlarged to be seen.

Can you test your vision online using an app?

The MyReaderNumber app can deliver personalized measurements for near and mid-distance reading based on the user’s age, distance preference, and degree of presbyopia. The app is able to provide those affected by the condition with the knowledge of what power of readers to buy.

The patent-pending AR-based technology uses the front-facing camera to capture two distances to be able to recommend results instantly. These can then be handed over to stores for purchasing over-the-counter reading glasses.

EyeQue’s MyReaderNumber app is currently available for iPhone users only. It costs $2.99.

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