Which comic book movie stars get paid the most?

Superheroes, spandex and substantial paydays tend to go hand-in-hand.

13. Marlon Brando – Superman

Which comic book movie stars get paid the most? 9

Marlon Brando’s involvement in Superman is the stuff of legend, with the actor pitching that his Jor-El appear as either a suitcase or a bagel, because he couldn’t be bothered with an onscreen presence.

Even when he did appear, he was reading his lines from a cue card, but his agent deserves immense credit for netting him a significant percentage of the box office gross for his relatively minor troubles.

Richard Donner’s classic was the most expensive movie ever made at the time, and as well as netting a salary of $3.7 million, he took home 11.75% of the box office gross. After Superman flew to over $300 million, Brando was laughing to the bank after becoming $16 million richer.