Where have these Hollywood stars disappeared too?

Some of our favorite Hollywood actors have left the spotlight, here’s what they’ve been up to

#9 Carrie Anne Moss

Where have these Hollywood stars disappeared too? 14
Source: Instagram @carrieannemoss

Age: 52
Hometown: Burnaby, British Columbia
Known for: The Matrix

This enigmatic and beautiful actress came in like a wrecking ball with her explosive performance in “The Matrix” series where we all know her best as Trinity. After the success of “The Matrix”, Carrie Anne ventured into films such as “Memento” and “Disturbia”. When she suddenly disappeared from the mainstream scene, people were left wondering why.

Well, while she may not be actively portraying roles in big screen movies these days, she’s definitely working it by starring on TV series like “Jessica Jones” and “Humans”. Moreover, the actress is busy with her family life and lifestyle company, Annapurna Living. Her company aims to empower women through yoga.