Where have these Hollywood stars disappeared too?

Some of our favorite Hollywood actors have left the spotlight, here’s what they’ve been up to

Where have these Hollywood stars disappeared too? 14

Remember all of your favorite actors and actresses from a couple of years back? At the time, you probably thought they would stay in the spotlight forever, but many Holywood A-listers have taken a step back from all of the fame. In case you were wondering where they went and what they have been up to, we’ve rounded up a list just for you. Read on to discover where these actors and actresses disappeared to.

#1 Cameron Diaz

Where have these Hollywood stars disappeared too? 15
Source: Instagram @camerondiaz

Age: 47
Hometown: Long Beach, California
Known for: Charlie’s Angels, The Mask

Who could ever forget this charismatic Charlie’s Angel? Cameron Diaz first propelled to stardom in 1994 when she starred opposite Jim Carey in “The Mask”. The actress also worked on box office hits like “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, “There’s Something About Mary”, and “Knight and Day”. If you were wondering why she’s not basking in the limelight now, it’s because she’s happily living a lowkey life with her husband, Benji Madden, and their firstborn daughter.