What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools

School supposed to be fun but that’s not the case for these ones

#25 All Girls Boarding School Shenanigans

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 1
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

I went to an all-girls boarding school. These are the worst ones I can remember when I was there:

  • The senior girls decided to do a “Red Night”: this meant that we were chased to our classes right after dinner, and then we were beaten with broken plastic hangers, robbed by the senior girls, and we were left kneeling on the ground until teachers showed up and shut everything down. This led to us being divided into dorms according to our year. A month or so after, the junior girls got into an all-out war with the seniors, which to led to them being kicked off-campus.
  • Several men broke into the dorms on different occasions. The assumption was that they were looking for a politician’s daughter. Our school hired police officers to patrol the school grounds every night.
  • A woman showed up selling this weird candy that had a toy in it. Everybody got addicted until one girl said she had a nightmare, and that the candy was actually evil; basically, the woman was sent by the devil to steal our souls with candy. This led to soooo many midnight prayer circles, getting doused in “anointing” oil (it was just olive oil), and a call to burn all remaining candy and any toys we had gotten from the candy bags.
  • Lesbian-Gate: is anyone surprised that a deeply religious country is also homophobic? Anyway, there was a rumor going around about two girls being lesbians, which led the school authorities to go on a lesbian witch hunt. Several people accused other people of being lesbians because they “smelled their fingers”, and all who were accused were flogged and then punished to dig trash pits in different areas of the school.
  • A prefect made a student take her braids out during a school assembly. The principal noticed it, and she made it a rule that we all had to cut our hair low. Prior to this, only juniors had short hair while seniors could grow their hair and braid it. —Dr3adNyt3mar3