What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools

School supposed to be fun but that’s not the case for these ones

#17 Infamous

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 1
Photo by Patrick Case from Pexels

There was this guy in high school, pretty shy, didn’t have too many friends. Was always trying to fit in, kind of a poser but in an insecure way. I’ll call him PumpkinPie for privacy reasons.

So one day, PumpkinPie had the genius idea to impress his class and make them like him more… To get the chem/geography teacher and retrieve the exam question from his school account.

He used a USB stick with a program on it that retrieves saved passwords from most browsers – chrome, IE (edge wasn’t a thing yet), firefox, etc. He waited for the perfect moment to plug it in; the teacher was taking a quick bathroom break.

The whole class saw it and he made up some excuse, don’t remember what he said. Everyone kind of forgot about it.

He checked the teacher’s school account every day for a couple of months until finally, the teacher uploaded the exam questions. PumpkinPie downloaded the exams, then – and this is where he messed up – he gave them to people in his class that he liked. Those people started talking, and eventually, people from other classes started asking PumpkinPie if he could get the answers for their class too.

So then exams came round. He asked his classmates not to make it too obvious that they knew all the answers. Of course, they did. They all had way higher grades than usual.

One day he received a call from the school, which NEVER happened before. Basically, they said, “Hi PumpkinPie, you need to come to the school and talk to the principal right now”. He asked, “why”? And then his heart dropped as she said “because it looks like you committed fraud”. Apparently, they saw the discrepancy in the grades and went looking in the logs of the teacher’s account access and found that it was accessed from an IP address which PumpkinPie also logged in from. Dumb geezer didn’t even use a VPN.

Then he realized how much he had messed up – see, he had just turned 18, which meant that he would be treated as an adult should the police ever get involved.

Anyway, he went to school and had a really hard decision to make. Either the whole class would have to redo the exam, or he gave the names of the people he gave the exams to, and only they would have to retake it.

He chose the latter, and everyone hated him for it. He and the classmates involved weren’t invited to the graduation ceremony…

Oh, and the hacked teacher was considering pressing charges for a privacy violation. Somehow he managed to convince the teacher not to, he’s so freaking lucky.

Anyway, he was already insecure and at this point, he just could look any of his classmates in the eyes anymore.

He ended up moving countries eventually…

And now he uses a dumb alias online whenever he talks about it (something with a pumpkin), not sure why at this point since it’s pretty obvious he’s talking about himself. —JoshYx