What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools

School supposed to be fun but that’s not the case for these ones

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 1
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Schools are considered to be everyone’s second home. It’s a place where children meet new friends, develop relationships, and learn more about life. But just like any other home,  drama is inevitable, even at schools. Luckily, these Redditors share stories of the most shocking drama that changed the trajectory of their school experience.


#1 Pure Shame!

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 2
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My English teacher in the 11th grade was sleeping with the WHOLE girls’ basketball team in exchange for straight A’s. I actually failed English that year but when that made the news my school said I didn’t have to go anymore because he wasn’t doing the grading properly. Everyone who had his class got a B —PhantomRoyce

#2 Perfect Crime

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 3
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One year, on exams days, they were trying to add a new method to prevent cheating where a man from the administration comes to every class before every exam and collects students phones while sticking a sticker with a number on each phone and giving the same sticker to the student so he can get his phone after school without anyone taking someone else’s phone that look alike or something. This was working at first and a bit “preventing cheating” until one day some guy sneaked into our high school and came as the man who collects the phones while he wasn’t, he stole the whole high school phones and went lol —abderrahman_

#3 Young Lawbreakers

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 4
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Some students broke into a local elderly reverend’s home to rob him, thinking he was away. He sadly wasn’t, and they proceeded to bludgeon him and his wife to death *while they were sleeping* with baseball bats and beer bottles. They were caught pretty quickly, and although their names legally couldn’t be published because they were minors, everyone including the local media knew who committed the crime. Media caused a circus at our school for weeks, harassing any student for comment (many did because they thought it was *cool*). Although these 3 kids (13-14-15) were known to cause trouble, no one ever suspected they would be capable of a double homicide… —abderrahman_

#4 Make Someone Else Take The Blame

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 5
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We had a computer teacher/football assistant coach who was just blasted all day, had so many DUIs he had to get rides to work, but was the cousin of the Superintendent so he kept his job. Let’s just say that when he crashed a student’s car in the parking lot because he convinced them to let him borrow it that that was the beginning of the end of it. It was a small town. The secret is that the Super tried to cover it up by trying to convince the kid to take the heat for it. To no one’s surprise, the kid was not convinced. They let him stay on as Super for another two years. —TheMCM80

#5 The Makings of a Killer

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 6
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A kid in my senior year short story class (who sat directly behind me) was charged with the stabbing, beheading, and burning of one of his friends/drug dealers.

I remember the day like it was yesterday, sitting in my short story class when my teacher came in, in tears because she just heard the news. Students didn’t find out about it until later. I actually have a friend who testified in his trial because he purchased the murdering materials at the hardware store she worked at.

Crazy, man. —Supersmaaashley

#6 The Craziest EVER

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 7
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One weekend a couple of kids from the hockey team had a sleepover.

One of the older boys from high school targeted them. He tied them up. Assaulted them, slit their throats, and set the house on fire.

One of the boys survived and is an incredible person. He’s the chief of a fire department and has done motivational speaking.

The murderer is now out on full parole.

Yeah. It was terrifying. I was 10 when it happened. This was in a rural Canadian town of fewer than 4 thousand people.

A couple of years after, the guy who survived was my hockey coach. One of the absolute nicest and most giving people you could ever meet. He directly has influenced my life in a positive way.

Life is crazy. —Ed_Dantes35

#7 Unfortunate Turn of Events

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 8
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The first week of high school. PE class, the first section was swim. wasn’t my class, but the class after. This kid was playing a game with his friends in the water—who could hold their breath the longest. He was going up for air and hit head on the pointy part of the gutter, and never made it to the surface. Friends didn’t notice, the teacher didn’t notice. Eventually, football players coming back to the locker rooms noticed. He ended up dying. The teacher was fired although I wouldn’t fully blame him as he was attending and teaching kids who didn’t know how to swim or weren’t strong swimmers. One adult for over 60 kids?? That’s the school’s fault. —millennial_dad

#8 Grooming

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 9
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This happened between my sister and brother graduating, so it would have been 1996 or 1997. The High School Agric teacher started dating a student at some point. Everyone knew about it and the parents consented. Our HS was (and is) small enough to still participate in Senior Trips, and the Agric teacher went along as a chaperone when his GF was a senior. They shared a hotel room when I believe the student was still technically a 17 yr old minor. At the time I remember my parents being rather put off by it, but they still hired the guy as a summer farmhand. I don’t remember if he was fired or stepped down, but by the time I made it to HS, we had a different Ag teacher. They got married and had a child, divorced maybe five or ten years ago. Their kid goes to our HS now.

I don’t know why it wasn’t a huge deal at the time, but no one really raised a stink or threatened to call the authorities. Today it feels like a case of grooming by a predatory farm boy. —mdiver12

#9 Hold Up. . . What?!

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 10
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In middle school (8th grade/early 2000s) one of the “hot” girls sent a couple of nude pictures to her bf and it wasn’t long until half the school had them. Police ended up becoming involved to make sure all copies were destroyed.

In high school, there was a little scandal involving the teachers and a teachers club called the “hot tub club”. Faculty members that had hot tubs would host a weekly hot tub party with other hot tub owners. Turns out they were all getting wasted and having a swinging party every Wednesday. Somebody’s spouse found out about it and there was a huge exodus of “hot tub” teachers my senior year. —xxcarlsonxx

#10 A Grave Notice

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 11
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Sophomore year a girl in my grade passed on a solid yellow up a hill, hit a family in a car, and killed both parents and one of the kids.

A week later she’s back at school in a brand new pickup truck, and never faced any sort of trial or anything.

Her parents were extremely large farmers in the small rural town and had influence in the local court systems I’m sure.

Oh did I mention she excitedly showed off her new truck when she came back? Eff you, Taylor. —satan_66666

#11 Midnight Speeches

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 12
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A kid in my school who was very smart, got great grades, but also a kinda weird guy ended up having some sort of psychotic break while staying up for days on end working on a pretty big assignment for a class I had with him.

He was already going above and beyond by making a very detailed video rather than a PowerPoint like everyone else. But before he even played the video for the class, he went on this suuuuuper bizarre tirade about the meaning of life and all this existential stuff that made no sense for around 30 minutes before the teacher finally got him to stop.

Later that night he was apparently knocking on random doors at 2 am trying to give the people in those homes the same weird speech.

Then he went to a psych ward and I haven’t heard about him since. —outdatedboat

#12 Wildest Imaginations

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 13
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This kid was taking his GCSEs (important exams in England until you get older and realize they mean nothing).

Whilst at an exam some kids got onto his phone, went onto his notes, and found a 4000-word document consisting of his sexual fantasies with other girls in his year. Clearly paid attention in English as there was some clever wordplay eg. comparing his manly bits to some world-famous landmarks.

The screenshots found their way into a lot of group chats (there were about 20 odd screenshots, to put into context how long it was) and it basically acted as a vag-repellant for the rest of his time at the school. —[deleted]

#13 Let’s Jump On The Craze, Shall We?

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 14
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The Harlem Shake was a craze. We had an RE teacher who desperately enjoyed being the popular teacher so he got in on the craze. Invited 40 pupils from my year to his classroom at lunch and filmed his own Harlem Shake video (which in itself would’ve been against safeguarding rules). Thing is, he also taught sex ed, so everyone got into his cupboard before the start of the video for ‘props’. The video was essentially a group of 14-year-olds throwing adult toys and condoms around the room while he, of his own accord, grinded on a life-size cutout of the Pope. He was suspended under investigation for half a year but surprisingly kept his job. He was a lot more professional when he returned. —WelshDionysus

#14 Freak Storm

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 15
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Senior year, there was a freak snowstorm in April, during which the quietest & nicest stoner in our class went missing. A day later they found his car in a ditch, and a week later when the snow melted, they found his body. He’d crashed and, in his presumed high of state, gotten out to walk for help with no coat on. He eventually found a telephone pole & sat down against it to rest and was believed to have frozen to death in the storm. Seeing his mom at her only child’s funeral still haunts me. —mamabol

#15 The Escalated Quickly

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 16
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A guy in year 10 made a statement that “the more compact a group of people are, the higher the death toll would be in a shooting” and we were genuinely talking about shootings and somehow people mistook it that he was gonna do it. It was a joke and everyone was playing along at first. Cut to 11 months later (he was in year 11), the whole school knows, rumors got out, the truth was beyond freaking twisted and changed to something different. Kids were actually scared to come in, parents were pissed, teachers were anxious. They had to search the kid, they kicked him out 9 days before he finished for good (was still allowed to do exams but had to do separately from everyone else) the police were involved and it made the news but the news article is completely fake and bullcrap. He also wasn’t allowed to prom.

This was around 4-5 years ago. He told me he was doing a lot better now. He went to a better school for the sixth form. he says whilst he has moved on with his life, he will never forgive the bastards.

Also, we live in England and guns are much harder to get especially to the average person who knows nothing about how to get guns. —thedudeisalwayshere

#16 I’m Not Pregnant, Just Fat

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 17
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When I was in school there was a girl who was overweight and as a result of how she carried that weight, looked quite pregnant. Teachers kept pulling her and her parents into conferences to talk about it, and after however many times it happened, the parents got pissed and got the school to agree that they would no longer “alert” the parents or counselors if they thought the girl was pregnant.

About a year later she stopped showing up to school (this was sophomore or junior year of high school). There were mad rumors about what happened, that she got involved with some older kids, ran to Mexico, got busted robbing 7/11…turns out she had finally, actually been pregnant and was attempting to give birth, alone, in the bathroom at home before her parents figured it out. —silversatire

#17 Infamous

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 18
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There was this guy in high school, pretty shy, didn’t have too many friends. Was always trying to fit in, kind of a poser but in an insecure way. I’ll call him PumpkinPie for privacy reasons.

So one day, PumpkinPie had the genius idea to impress his class and make them like him more… To get the chem/geography teacher and retrieve the exam question from his school account.

He used a USB stick with a program on it that retrieves saved passwords from most browsers – chrome, IE (edge wasn’t a thing yet), firefox, etc. He waited for the perfect moment to plug it in; the teacher was taking a quick bathroom break.

The whole class saw it and he made up some excuse, don’t remember what he said. Everyone kind of forgot about it.

He checked the teacher’s school account every day for a couple of months until finally, the teacher uploaded the exam questions. PumpkinPie downloaded the exams, then – and this is where he messed up – he gave them to people in his class that he liked. Those people started talking, and eventually, people from other classes started asking PumpkinPie if he could get the answers for their class too.

So then exams came round. He asked his classmates not to make it too obvious that they knew all the answers. Of course, they did. They all had way higher grades than usual.

One day he received a call from the school, which NEVER happened before. Basically, they said, “Hi PumpkinPie, you need to come to the school and talk to the principal right now”. He asked, “why”? And then his heart dropped as she said “because it looks like you committed fraud”. Apparently, they saw the discrepancy in the grades and went looking in the logs of the teacher’s account access and found that it was accessed from an IP address which PumpkinPie also logged in from. Dumb geezer didn’t even use a VPN.

Then he realized how much he had messed up – see, he had just turned 18, which meant that he would be treated as an adult should the police ever get involved.

Anyway, he went to school and had a really hard decision to make. Either the whole class would have to redo the exam, or he gave the names of the people he gave the exams to, and only they would have to retake it.

He chose the latter, and everyone hated him for it. He and the classmates involved weren’t invited to the graduation ceremony…

Oh, and the hacked teacher was considering pressing charges for a privacy violation. Somehow he managed to convince the teacher not to, he’s so freaking lucky.

Anyway, he was already insecure and at this point, he just could look any of his classmates in the eyes anymore.

He ended up moving countries eventually…

And now he uses a dumb alias online whenever he talks about it (something with a pumpkin), not sure why at this point since it’s pretty obvious he’s talking about himself. —JoshYx

#18 For Sisterhood?

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 19
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I was in 8th grade at the time, but the high school I would be attending the next year had a massive hazing scandal that made international news overnight. A group of junior girls trying to join the powder puffs went to play football against the seniors. Instead of playing, they got the crap kicked out of them, were forced to sit in a huddle on the ground while paint and animal intestines were thrown at them, and one girl even had a bucket put over her head at it was hit with baseball bats. I heard, later on, she suffered permanent hearing loss. Someone recorded it (this was before smartphones so someone had a literal camcorder) and release it to the media. The senior girls that were identified were suspended, many of them losing college admissions, and some parents were arrested when it was found out they supplied alcohol. When I started high school we had to endure multiple school assemblies every year about how hazing is bad, and participate in week-long seminars about being more caring and considerate of our fellow students. —nukeyourface

#19 Too High

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 20
Photo by Wendelin Jacober from Pexels

Two things. Both in middle school.

I was at home on a Sunday watching the news with my mom when all of a sudden my 6th-grade teacher’s mugshot showed up and it said that she and her husband were pulled over and the police found like 6 pounds of high-grade weed, leading to a search warrant for their home and they literally slept on an inflatable mattress. The whole house was a grow op. She did look like a hippy but I don’t understand, she was not mellow at all. She was a witch.

In 8th grade, one of my friend’s parents had cancer, he thought it was a good idea to bring some of their meds to school and hand them out like candy. These were strong strong meds, and not all of them were pain pills. At least 5 kids overdosed 2 of them had seizures, no one died thankfully. —TomCruiseIsTheDevil

#20 Revenge Plot

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 21
Photo by KoolShooters from Pexels

A friend’s stuff kept going missing, like books and pens. It didn’t stop even after multiple complaints from him and the teachers didn’t really care.

His mom screamed at the teachers and the principal did her own “investigation” and concluded that it was a boy who stole from that guy.

The principal decided to call the male students’ parents to talk to them.

After a year, it turns out that the thief was a girl and she yeeted the guy’s stuff out the window because the guy was bullying her. —Butt_Stuph

#21 Seventh Grade Stories

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 22
Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

This girl was cheating on her current boyfriend with this guy and was having a sexual relationship. The thing is, they did it everywhere. They were caught by students behind the school library, bathrooms, etc. The girl got transferred to my LA class during the middle of the year because she was caught tossing off with the guy during class. Both of them were going at it in front of the students. Surprisingly, the teacher didn’t notice so multiple students were the ones to report the incident.

When the guy broke up with her, she broke into his house to talk or something and he had to escape to his neighbor’s. The thing is, he also broke into his neighbor’s house too when trying to escape her. Both were breaking and entering people’s homes. All of this was caught on Snapchat too.

The girl went to a different school originally and had to transfer because of intense bullying since she bragged about losing her virginity in the fourth grade and was doing similar things in her old school that she was doing in this one. I know that the fourth-grade one was true because we went to the same elementary school. I also had her mom as a teacher. —TraumatizedChild100

#22 A Stinky Cold Case

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 23
Photo by Gabor Monori from Unsplash

The poo bandit. Someone made a huge mess in the boys’ bathroom in my high school, like a full-scale horror show. The walls, the stalls, the bowls, the sinks.

We had a big assembly about it and our deputy headteacher was urging whoever knew anything to come forward. The cleaners refused to go near it and they had to get industrial cleaners in suits to come in. He would not let it go, he was an ex-cop so saw it as a detective-style mystery. He’d randomly pull people out of class to interview them, he’d lose his mind in assemblies, he just would not stop. You could see even the other teachers cringe when he’s still be fixating on it 6 months on.

We’d all laugh every single time he mentioned it, and of course the name “the poo bandit” was born. People would accuse their friends of it, for a laugh, and one time this really sweet chunky kid got accused of it. He took it well and saw the funny side which gained him a lot of popularity in the end. I’m 30 now and if I ever mentioned the poo bandit to any single person that was in my school they’d instantly remember and start laughing. I remember one time someone said, “I am the poo bandit” in assembly, and then another person stood up and said the same, and another, and another. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever encountered.

Mr. Pearson never did find the poo bandit. It forever remains a cold case scandal. —kicksjoysharkness

#23 Too Late Now

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 24
Photo by Binyamin Mellish from Pexels

The star football player was accused of raping someone in the bathroom. This ruined his life and subsequently, he was in custody/juvie/jail (unsure which) for quite a while, all potential scholarships have now gone and no hope of a career in sports. This happened when I just entered high school, I didn’t know the guy but I saw him regularly, he was the school’s pride and joy before the allegations.

Time moves forward and it turns out that he did not rape anyone (I’m unsure if the girl recanted her allegation, or what, this was 15+ years ago so a lot of details are hard to remember), but it was too late, the damage was done. This all happened over the course of ~three years. He ended up coming BACK to school, unsure as to how or why, but I suppose he was just trying to pick up where he left off? He was just, different, his face, his demeanor, everything. He was no longer the same person and it was gut-wrenching. He was an incredibly nice and fun guy before everything happened, but once he came back he was just a hardened jerk, always looking for a fight. He was conditioned to accept the street life (for lack of a better term) for a crime he didn’t even commit and even thinking about all these years later fills me with intense equal parts sadness and rage.

I hope everything worked out for you Q. —Fenixfrost

#24 A Responsibility Too Big To Bear

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 25
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Our school nurse found out that one of my classmates was pregnant when we were 11 or 12 I think, none of us even knew about sex and kids. So we got a crash course about sex ed in school.

The whole school was up at arms discussing who the dad was and why she was having sex etc.

Turned out to be a freak show as she had been assaulted by her mom’s boyfriend several times and was too far along so had to give birth. She kept the baby and I see her in our small town from time to time. —industrialslave

#25 All Girls Boarding School Shenanigans

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 26
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

I went to an all-girls boarding school. These are the worst ones I can remember when I was there:

  • The senior girls decided to do a “Red Night”: this meant that we were chased to our classes right after dinner, and then we were beaten with broken plastic hangers, robbed by the senior girls, and we were left kneeling on the ground until teachers showed up and shut everything down. This led to us being divided into dorms according to our year. A month or so after, the junior girls got into an all-out war with the seniors, which to led to them being kicked off-campus.
  • Several men broke into the dorms on different occasions. The assumption was that they were looking for a politician’s daughter. Our school hired police officers to patrol the school grounds every night.
  • A woman showed up selling this weird candy that had a toy in it. Everybody got addicted until one girl said she had a nightmare, and that the candy was actually evil; basically, the woman was sent by the devil to steal our souls with candy. This led to soooo many midnight prayer circles, getting doused in “anointing” oil (it was just olive oil), and a call to burn all remaining candy and any toys we had gotten from the candy bags.
  • Lesbian-Gate: is anyone surprised that a deeply religious country is also homophobic? Anyway, there was a rumor going around about two girls being lesbians, which led the school authorities to go on a lesbian witch hunt. Several people accused other people of being lesbians because they “smelled their fingers”, and all who were accused were flogged and then punished to dig trash pits in different areas of the school.
  • A prefect made a student take her braids out during a school assembly. The principal noticed it, and she made it a rule that we all had to cut our hair low. Prior to this, only juniors had short hair while seniors could grow their hair and braid it. —Dr3adNyt3mar3

#26 Hacked

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 27
Photo by Carsten Carlsson from Unsplash

A student in our class was giving a presentation and while he was using his flash drive to drop a presentation file on the teacher’s computer he copied some random folders from her desktop in the hope to get files with the test answer. He got only that, but also a whole folder of compromising photos of our school teachers having night-outs, with a lot of booze involved and stuff. Some pictures were also pretty racy.

Later he created a fake account on social networks and leaked the photos to the private group, giving access only to other students he personally knew. After some time the whole school knew about it, a lot of students have seen these photos and I’m pretty sure the teachers found out about the leak too, but nobody did anything about it for obvious reasons. The test answers were actually viable for a long time after this happened. —CountBubblegum

#27 Caught On Camera

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 28
Photo by Ilya Komov from Pexels

Some of my classmates were drug dealers and/or drug addicts. They smoked or whatever they did with their drugs in the school and were therefore high during lessons. You would think they just got caught smoking in school or being high but nope, one of the drug dealers decided to sell drugs exactly under a police camera. The police saw him, found him and he proceeded to tell the name of every single person involved, the dealers, the “clients” and even completely innocent people. This happened in the second last year of high school but the “clients” were not only from my year but even younger, like 14 years olds. The school was all over the news and the teachers did not trust us students for a very long time, some just stopped completely and never did again. —Non-native-English

#28 Lies Upon Lies

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 29
Photo by fauxels from Pexels

My former high school got on the news for having a history teacher lie for four years about being a decorated war hero. Guy claimed to have not one, but TWO Purple Hearts, among other things, and never even served a day in the military.

But it gets juicier, the truth came out because his ex-wife exposed him, sending evidence he was making it all up to local news stations and the school. Why’d she do it? The history teacher was having an affair with another teacher in my school.

We had a lot of weird teachers at my school, but I think this story shows just how much the administration hardly vetted teachers, like holy damn. We also had a guidance counselor get the boot for being a racist, but that’s another story that didn’t get as much publicity. —QuirkyWafer4

#29 Literally Mind-Blowing

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 30
Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

My 10th grade English teacher had a long-standing sexual relationship with a man who used to be her teacher when she was in high school. She eventually married and had kids with another guy she met while in college but continued her long-standing love affair with her former teacher. Her husband was aware of it but eventually forgave her until her sexcapades continued and her husband went to go pay this guy a visit. Her husband went over to his house (which happened to be a block away) with a gun, realized he wasn’t there, and blew his brains out on his front lawn.

A close friend of mine lived across the street and saw the whole thing happen. She said for months, little kids on the block would run up to the house, stick their fingers in the bullet hole that lodged through the garage door, giggle, and runoff. Completely morbid.

We were told our teacher was on “sick leave” but we all found out within a week what happened. The worst part? She had two young daughters, both under the age of 5. She didn’t continue teaching afterward. —CRXL4TRQ

#30 Spying On Students

What A Shocker!: 30 People Reveal The Most Jaw-Dropping Scandals Of Their Schools 31
Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

Our school district provided Apple laptops to all high school students to take home and use for homework. This was around 2010, so all laptops came with webcams, as most modern laptops do. Nobody thought twice about it. Well…. one day, a kid gets called into the principal’s office and they start yelling at him for doing drugs— in his own home. But wait, how did they know what he was doing in the privacy of his own bedroom? The school provided a laptop. Turns out, the administration was using a loophole in the anti-theft software they installed to spy on the students for wrongdoing, taking thousands and thousands of covert photos through the webcam, taking screenshots, and recording keystrokes. No one was aware this was happening, and since we thought we were safe, alone in our own bedrooms, in the privacy of our own homes, they undoubtedly collected and stored dozens of compromising photos of underage students in various states of undress, against their will, and without the knowledge of their parents. There was a huge lawsuit about it. After they got found out, they used the same security program to remotely gain complete control of our laptops and delete the bootleg copy of Pokemon that was floating around as people were playing it, which was also kind of a messed up move. —mandaraffe

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