Unforgettable 911 calls

These 911 calls will put you through a rollercoaster of emotions!

Unforgettable 911 calls 1
Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels
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People dial 911 when they are in trouble and in need of assistance from the authorities. This also means that the emergency service operators on the other end of the line have heard nearly everything you can imagine. From dangerous and frightening situations, all the way to weird prank calls, there are some 911 calls that these operators will never forget.

Whether it was an emergency call that brought them to tears, one that scared them to the depths of their souls, or one that made them roll on the floor laughing, these 911 calls will never not be epic.

#1 Baby reaction

Unforgettable 911 calls 2
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

I answered the non-emergency line just after lunch, half expecting it to be a parking complaint or something. I was surprised to hear a sobbing woman on the other end sounding hysterical. Her young infant child was having some type of reaction, coughing, possibly swelling, and lips appearing to turn blue. When I got her location and basics for the call, I had two officers start that way, one to meet them, the other to standby for medics and traffic and let them know I’d be rolling medics.

I did my best to assure her help was on the way and that I needed to put her on hold (to call for medics) and get right back to her. She got even worse and panicked, so I made the decision to leave her on the line with me, roll my chair and pick up another handset and called medics. About a minute or so later, I hung up with the other agency and got back with her trying to calm her, as well as manage my units’ traffic, going as far as telling the other units out there to standby.

She finally said officers were there and could hear the ambulance so I let her go. I’m sitting there wondering what the heck is happening with the child now because medics take over the scene and communicate to their agency. Eventually, I got another call from the mother’s sister who thanked me and said the baby was now fine and for the fast response and attempts to calm them. – PizzaTheHutt415