These beloved TV shows have been canceled

Are your favorite TV series coming back for another season?

#249 The Rook These beloved TV shows have been canceled 14

Network: Starz

No. of Season: 1

Starz revealed in March that The Rook would not continue beyond its first eight episodes. While a reason for the cancellation was not revealed, fans who had enjoyed the novel on which the series is based took issue with the TV adaptation’s change in tone. While the novel had a light, fantastical touch, the Starz series had a gritty take on the supernatural spy story.

Based on the novel by Daniel O’Malley, The Rook stars Emma Greenwell as Myfanwy, an agent who works for a super-secret branch of the British government that handles matters of Extreme Variant Abilities. In the series premiere, Myfanwy awoke without any knowledge of who she was or what she could do, and spent much of the first season trying to figure out which of her contemporaries was plotting to kill her.