The worst movie endings in the history of cinema

These movie endings are the epitome of anti-climactic

#9 Lucy

The worst movie endings in the history of cinema 14

Currently, humans only use 10% of their brains. Judging from the amazing things we can already do at this rate, we can only begin to imagine the supermassive magic we can do when we reach 100% capacity. Maybe then people would be able to fly, perform telekinesis, time travel, use superspeed, have super strength, prevent all diseases, solve the mysteries of the universe, and finally stop being racist idiots towards others.

Lucky for us, Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) gave us a sneak peek at what 100% brain capacity looks like, and it’s as phenomenal as she is gorgeous and talented. Watching her portray the role of Lucy only gave us some serious Black Widow vibes and reminded us how perfect she is for action roles. You do not want to mess with this girl.

The only downside was that she totally ghosted the audience in the end. Apparently, she is now “everywhere”, but where exactly? We need specifics, please. Or are you just going to hack every computer when you feel like it? Are you reading this right now? If so, hi, Lucy!