The worst movie endings in the history of cinema

These movie endings are the epitome of anti-climactic

#35 Gravity

Gravity film

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are actors who never disappoint. They always deliver, and that’s why we love them. While “Gravity” seemed promising, the ending of the film just didn’t hit home right. The sound of silence during the entirety of the outer space movie was so loud that it drew us in like magnets to metal.

The film offered a unique take on a space concept with only two actual characters on screen. That is… until they killed off George Clooney’s character. What started out as a routine spacewalk ended in disaster, as one astronaut drifted off into space and the other frantically tried to seek help in order to return to Earth safely. This part should have had us all excited and anxious, but we honestly just kind of lost ourselves in the ASMR of all those space effects. Don’t worry, she was rescued.