The worst movie endings in the history of cinema

These movie endings are the epitome of anti-climactic

#24 Yesterday

The worst movie endings in the history of cinema 14

2019 was the year that “Yesterday” was released, and with a charming cast composed of Himesh Patel, Lily James, Ed Sheeran, and Kate McKinnon, it was quite an interesting film to see. From the trailer alone, one would totally be drawn to this unique storyline wherein for some unexplained reason only one man in the entire world remembers the Beatles, and finds himself in a situation where he plagiarizes their songs and debuts as a hot new artist.

Now, towards the end, Jack Malik(Himesh Patel) encounters two fans who also happen to remember the Beatles. Instead of condemning him for taking credit for the group’s songs, they thank him for using his talent to keep the Beatles’ music alive. They also give him John Lennon’s address, and when our lovable lead character visits him, he learns that the legendary singer is living a happy life with his beloved wife. Jack even picked up a nugget of wisdom about love from the Beatles’ singer.

With a few new life lessons up his sleeve, Jack admits his plagiarism at his concert, uploads the songs for free onto the internet, and confesses his love for the woman of his dreams. Jack ends up giving up his dream of becoming a famous singer, marries the love of his life, raises children, and takes on a new dream of teaching music. The ending isn’t actually all that bad. It’s just a bit underwhelming in contrast to the entire run of the story. Idealistic? Sure. Cliche? Yes.