The worst movie endings in the history of cinema

These movie endings are the epitome of anti-climactic

#17 I Am Legend

The worst movie endings in the history of cinema 14

It goes without saying that Will Smith is one of the most talented and charismatic actors the world has ever seen. We have never seen a Will Smith movie that we didn’t love. However, when he starred as scientist, Robert Neville, in “I Am Legend”, we totally encountered an ending that we didn’t love. The legendary “I Am Legend” was released in theaters in 2007. Starring the equally legendary Will Smith, this dystopian cinematic masterpiece took us on a daring adventure, made us scream in terror, and cry for the main character’s cute and loyal doggo.

After all his emotional and physical struggles and after finding a cure for the man-made virus that took over the world, our selfless hero sacrifices his own life to save his two fellow survivors. The zombies or hemocytes got him just when he discovered the antidote for their manic condition. No, just no.