The world’s strangest fast food and junkfood

Would you eat any of these strange fast food dishes?

#8 Pizza Hut’s Cheeseburger Crust Pizza | Australia

The world's strangest fast food and junkfood 1
Image From Twitter @billyjharris

This pizza has drawn mixed reactions from the public when it was launched by Pizza Hut in Australia. Yes, it may be loaded with calories that would take a few intense gym workouts to burn off, but just look at it, though! It’s pizza with cheeseburgers embedded in the crust! It’s practically a hybrid dish that answers your question when you can’t decide between eating pizza or cheeseburgers. Why not have the best of both worlds, right? Plus, we see some green bell peppers on it, and that’s a vegetable, right? See, it isn’t as unhealthy as some people paint it to be…