The world’s most dangerous bridges

Only the brave can cross these bridges of terror!

The world's most dangerous bridges 1
Thisisbossi, Wikimedia Commons

Thanks to the bridges all over the world, people and vehicles can seamlessly pass over mountains, bodies of water, and valleys. In their most basic and essential form, bridges connect people to the places they want to reach.

There are different types of bridges all over the world; some are iconic, some are hidden gems, and others simply manage to frighten us. If we were asked to test the stability of these scary-looking bridges, we would probably just crawl across them with our eyes closed while screaming at full volume.

On the other hand, if you’re an adrenaline junkie (unlike us), these treacherous bridges won’t faze you, and will most likely encourage you to traverse them one by one. So, after you read this story, tell us if you’re going to take a risk and cross these bridges or if you’d rather just admire their beauty from afar.

#1 The Langkawi Sky Bridge | Malaysia

The world's most dangerous bridges 2
The Dilly Lama, Wikimedia Commons

2004 was the year that the Langkawi Sky Bridge atop the Machinchang Mountain was completed. At a whopping 125 meters long, this daunting structure is considered to be the longest curved bridge in the world. As you can tell from this photo, it needs the support of a crane to stay in place. We don’t know about you guys, but we feel intimidated…