The best movie endings

40 all-time greats that managed to end on a bang, not a whimper.

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The best movie endings
The best movie endings

There’s been no shortage of films to have fallen just shy of greatness after ending on a disappointing note, but luckily there’s plenty of all-time greats that ended on a high note. Whether it be a bang, a cliffhanger, a major twist or a shocking revelation, the following 40 movies boast the best movie endings. Naturally, there’s spoilers from here on out.

40. Point Break

point break ending

It might be an action-packed cops and criminals thriller with a heavy extreme sports influence, but Kathryn Bigelow’s Point Break is surprisingly philosophical about life and death.

The bromance gone wrong between Keanu Reeves’ Johnny Utah and Patrick Swayze’s Bodhi comes to a head nine months after the meat of the story is wrapped up, with the FBI agent tracking his friend and mentor down to the location of the fabled 50-year storm.

Bodhi refuses to go into custody despite being handcuffed, leaving Utah to essentially send him to his death, with the rookie agent throwing his badge into the ocean as he leaves the scene for good measure.