The best comedies on Netflix right now

Need some laughs? These comedy movies on Netflix have your back

Crazy Stupid Love

The best comedies on Netflix right now 11

Crazy Stupid Love centers on Cal Weaver (Steve Carell), a middle-aged husband with children whose life changes dramatically when his wife (Julianne Moore) asks him for a divorce. Over 40 and suddenly single, Cal seeks to rediscover his manhood with the help of a newfound friend, Jacob (Ryan Gosling), a self-styled player who takes him under his wing and teaches him how to be a hit with the ladies.

Directed by Glen Ficara and John Requa from a script by Dan Fogelman, Crazy Stupid Love is a fun and entertaining rom-com with lots of twists and turns executed by a talented cast. Though the movie is full of genre cliches and its plot gets ludicrous at times, Carell and Gosling keep the film going with their special brand of chemistry.