Star Trek actors Then and Now

Where are your favorite Star Trek cast members today?

#6 DeForest Kelley

Star Trek actors Then and Now 16
Credit: (Right Photo) Alan C. Teeple / Wikimedia Commons

Star Trek series: Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Animated Series

Character name: Leonard “Bones” McCoy

Date deceased: June 11th, 1999 (aged 79)

Kelley’s McCoy served as the chief medical officer aboard the USS Enterprise and USS Enterprise-A in The Original Series, The Animated Series, and the first six Star Trek movies. Unfortunately, Kelley was one of the many Star Trek actors who was typecast after his initial stint in the franchise. Though he made some appearances on TV and film outside of the sci-fi franchise, he didn’t have any memorable role other than McCoy.

Later in life, Kelley developed an interest in poetry and eventually published the books The Big Bird’s Dream in 1977 and The Dream Goes On in 1984.

In June 1999, Kelley died of stomach cancer at the Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles. He was 79.