Why Rialto is the hardest map in Overwatch

Rialto might be the hardest map to attack, but this guide will get you through it

Rialto map in overwatch
Rialto map in overwatch

While everyone seems to focus on the rankings of Overwatch heroes, like in this Overwatch Tier List, players tend to ignore map analysis. Since the 12 initial maps that were released when Overwatch was initially released, many more have been added to the game. Some are harder to defend and some are harder to attack, but one map is infamously hard to complete: Rialto. Undoubtedly, a visually stunning map Rialto offers more than a challenge to the ones that are escorting the payload.

There have been many players that are calling for this map to be better balanced. Maybe add a bit of time, change a bit the spawns, the high ground, etc. We understand where their complaints are coming from, but we love these hard pushes that require you to be always on top of the payload to keep the overtime meter going. It gets our blood pumping.

But what is it about Rialto that makes it so difficult?


People that are familiar with Rialto will have some specific emotions connected with this map. There is the constant fear of being flanked from various spots while pushing the payload, the myriad of places that the defenders can occupy the high ground and make your life a living hell, the “booping” spots, and the wide-open last point.

You start by immediately having 6 enemies above you. From the moment you start pushing your payload, there are 3-4 different spots where the enemies can sit and deal damage to you. Even if you manage to push through that pretty fast, you go to the square. In the square, there are no real cover spots, so if you want to get to the first point (which we guess you do) you have to go through it, being like sitting ducks for the enemy’s snipers.

Ok, let’s say you got the first point. This is where the hard part begins. Between the 1st and 2nd checkpoint there are just so many spots where you can just get pushed over the edge, that the enemies practically don’t need to aim. If they just pick heroes like Lucio, Pharah… they can just push you off the map.

Continuing is the same story, with a lot of high grounds and flanking spots. Even if you capture the 2nd checkpoint, here comes the worst part. The spawn room you are sent into after you die is probably the worst spawn room in the game. What makes it so bad is that only 2 doors are exiting the room (which are practically the same door). So, if your team gets wiped, you will be forced to play into a chokepoint no matter what you do. Just a small door where the enemy can focus all their firepower.

If you manage to break out of your spawn room, the open space of the last checkpoint doesn’t give a lot of cover to you, while the defenders are just a few steps away from their spawn room, so even if you kill them, they will be back to the battle faster than you can say BASTION IS USELESS.


Because of the reasons listed above, we believe that Rialto is the hardest map to attack in Overwatch. Don’t be intimidated by that. Just pick your favorite hero to play and try to break the enemy’s defenses. There is nothing more satisfying than concurring this beast of a map. If you manage to do it with time left on the clock there are two scenarios:

Scenario 1: either the enemy team has some blind people playing.
Scenario 2: you should consider being a professional gamer (seriously, we are impressed).

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