Nasty divorce stories from all over the globe

People share their nasty divorce stories from around the world

#35 Want some cheese and crackers with that whine?

Nasty divorce stories from all over the globe 1
Photo by Pelageia Zelenina from Pexels

My in-laws are mega into food and wine, as in they literally travel the world on food and wine tours, are part of clubs, etc.

They told me about a nasty divorce where the husband was the wine aficionado, not the wife, but the wife was furious about getting divorced. The husband got all the wines in their extensive cellar, but before he was able to collect them, the wife soaked every bottle to remove ALL of the labels. So technically the wine was not damaged, but the husband had no way to know what he was drinking for aging and pairing purposes (which is a huge deal to wine drinkers).